So are an artist , musician , producer or a band in need of an experienced drummer to record your songs?


It's always hard to find the perfect match : experience, recording skills and knowledge,technique , musicianship, versatility and dedication

to a project....

 Here is the solution : Don't waste time and money anymore auditionning  drummers ,hoping to find the one for your recordings objectives

,or booking studio time... and let me take it from here !

EASY : email me an audio draft of your song  ,  along with drumbeats ideas or references ( like youtube links or such...) , and if you don't

have any clues about drumbeats... well  don't worry  i 'll  provide  exactly what  your songs need ,my experience in that matter will make

the difference !

I have my own fully equiped studio with professional gear  ,  tracks  are recorded in high quality  resolution (24 bits/96 Khz) with pro microphones ( Shure, AKG, Sennheiser,Audix...)

As soon as tracks are ready , a bounce of  the song is sent on your inbox for your personnal review , then all isolated drum tracks  are sent

 via  server  WITHOUT any compression that could alterate sound quality ...


Trust me , like many others artists , producers or bands already did !  you won't be desapointed!

For all details please email me , thanks !

The drum tracks you need ... right into your inbox  !

Some samples of my recording sessions...

Custom drum tracks!

here are few of many artists i recorded for...


Alien Breakfast

The groovy cab shop


Brother and sister

Glenton Davis

Dangerously in love (drums&strings  arrangement)


She don't have to know


get on the floor (all synths & programmings)

Mateo Alan

Agua pura (drums & percs)




Suena (percs)



Soul /Pop


world music

Suena -
Agua pura -
brother and sister -
Dangerously in love -
Get on the floor -
she don't have to know -
the groovy cab shop - Unknown Artist

more to come :) ...

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